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  • Mor G.
  • Pinole, CA, April 11, 2014

My boyfriend and me decided to go on a weekend away last minute, we found Stevenswood on Airbnb with a really great price and decided to just go for it and stay in Mendocino for 2 nights.  When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by the host, Nelson. He hd a great attitude, bubbly personality and great sense of humor! We also got a short history lesson about Mendocino history from his very popular Blog! Go Nelson! We loved the fact there was a Jacuzzi on premises and there was a private jacuzzi you can reserve but it did close at 9:30pm, which was a bit early for us. The water temp was pretty low during the late time of the night but the next day we went there at 6pm and the temp was lovely (even a bit too steamy for me, the boyfriend loved it). The Room  Was big! And we loved the fireplace! I also loved the fact they use Eco friendly logs and Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner. The bed was very comfy and I woke up with no back pain of any sort, overall? It was a great price for the location, great price for the short notice too.  What we didn’t like so much and why is this review not 5 stars 1. The Bathroom – Really need to get this worked out, the ceiling is falling apart, the tiles are very very old and it smell a bit.  2. The Spa prices are outrageous – Stevenwood, come on. Compare yourself to your neighbors. Why would I get a message at your spa? its over $70 more expensive then others.  3. The breakfast – Normal, below average, some danish, really weird bacon and egg that looked really bad…. we did not eat (The Boyfriend) I agree with everything written above.  The overall “feel” of the place was a li’l run down.  It could just use a once-over in general.  The ceiling above the bed felt paper-thin, or like the upstairs tenants were sumo wrestling elephants.  Again, Nelson and his kick-ass mustache were charming as all get-out, and the Llamas/Alapaca next door were cute to watch from the upstairs deck.



  • Jason Y.
  • Vacaville, CA, March 11, 2014

Had a wonderfully relaxing stay at Stevenswood. The room was nice and cozy, with a fire place. Clean burning logs were provided. A nice touch that is Eco-friendly. We enjoyed the informative and friendly staff. Nelson and James at the front desk had great suggestions for hikes and dining options. There are two hot tubs, one available for all guests during normal hours, and one with a key that requires a reservation. The private hot tub was so relaxing. It was great to soak and enjoy the stars above. The garden is nice and there is a view of the ocean there. The breakfast was fine, could have used some more fresh fruit or juice. Overall this place was very nice.



Elk Grove, California, January 4, 2014


We purchased the Groupon in October for our first-time visit in early December at Stevenswood for $199 for two nights’ stay, then had to go to the property website to select our dates and room. The $199 rooms were all booked within 20 minutes of logging on and we ended up paying nearly $600 for three nights’ stay. When we called to speak to someone personally to clarify the room rates and charges, the call went to voicemail. An hour or so later, someone called back, but it was too late to book a reasonable room. This was 9 weeks before our scheduled stay for Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon. When we arrived, we were greeted by Nelson – A pure delight! He opened the wide doors of the lobby for us, took us to our room, explained the history of the our room’s namesake and the lumber history of the area, then immediately went to the car to bring in our two bags. He made our three-day stay very pleasant and we looked forward to seeing him when we got in for the evenings. He immediately told us regrettably that the dinner service had to be discontinued due to water shortages, and that was fine with us. The website had this information on it. We stay in Mendo several times a year and know where to go for great breakfasts, lunches and dinners there and in the Albion/Fort Bragg area. Nelson went beyond the call of host on his evening shifts. He is very knowledgeable about the area and was willing to share his knowledge with us. He was available to us at any time and very responsive. The other two male staff members were equally responsive and helpful if we needed something. The one female staff member we encountered at the front desk seemed perturbed and aloof. The wine tasting was available at the designated times, but we did not avail ourselves of it. It was also made clear to us that staff would leave around 9:00 p.m. each night, but there would be an available call line if an emergency arose. We were fine with that. Our room was the Stickney King Demi-Suite. Great layout and really clean, but very cold upon arrival. It took 24 hours to heat the room to a decent temperature of 70*, including the Tempur-Pedic mattress, which stayed cold under us until the next day. The clean-log burning fireplace offered some heat and there was a small space heater that we ran nearly non-stop.The small bathroom provided only the Venetian Glass wash basin, with no counter top for our toiletries. The tub-shower was fine. The place is pet-friendly, which is acceptable to us, except that we both immediately had an allergic reaction while the overhead heater vent was blowing air into the room until we took a name brand antihistamine. We have cats and dogs ourselves in our home and do not have that kind of reaction. We were pleased to be greeted by Mark Anthony, the Inn cat, who greeted us at the front desk and ran to us when we came out of our room for breakfast, and the Black Lab, but do not feel they were the source of the dander in the vents..possibly all rooms accommodate pets, which can be a problem for those of us who prefer not to sleep in rooms that have had other guests’ pets in them. The Wi-Fi in our room was isolated to about a 2 foot square area near the desk, off and on. We did not use the free long distance land line service. No cell-service is a given on the North Coast, so we did not expect it; the TV was great, but we did not really watch muchTV. We prefer to spend our time driving the North Coast. There was a refrigerator but no honor bar in it, as advertised on the website. Free bottled water would be a plus; however, the tap water was pretty good. We actually brought our own 1 gallon bottles of water with us for the trip. The complimentary breakfast was in the former four-star dining room/sitting room of the restaurant and provided good hot coffee and water for tea and a Keurig anytime coffee maker; however, the breakfast fare consisted of insufficient cold scrambled eggs, undercooked cold sausage links or bacon, danish, and cold cereal. Orange juice and milk were plentiful. We just sort of ‘fueled up for the morning” and went about our day. We were not put off by no daily maid service. We had ample bath towels and were provided extra washcloths upon request; we can make up our own bed.They have a lovely jewelry and art room where local and non-local artists display their work for sale. We purchased two necklaces for gifts of around $120.00 each plus tax. The problematic situation arose where we paid for them in cash and the staff had to go make change from their personal wallets! Guests should be informed that cash is a problem there and that credit cards are preferred. We saw how uncomfortable the staff was to go make change and borrow from another staff member to finish making that change. Clearly the staff wanted to accommodate the guests and their purchases without making a fuss. The owners need to provide a $200.00 petty cash drawer! The grounds are very nice and parking is sufficient. The Inn is lovely overall in a beautiful rustic setting. AAA gave this Inn a 4 star rating for 7 years in a row, including 2013, as proudly displayed on the wall over the check-in desk. AAA needs to revisit this Inn and insist on tightening their standards for a basic hotel stay. We would love to revisit this Inn when they meet the standards they originally set for themselves.



Walnut Creek, CA, September 23, 2013


Just returned from our 2 days at Stevenswood.  And given that 2 stars means “I’ve experienced better”, wheras 3 Stars is A-OK, this is a border line 2 to 3 stars.  Definitely agree the rooms are large, and the memory foam bed (1st time ever sleeping on one) is nice.  Nelson at the front desk was wonderful. Very informative and friendly and almost deserves to be the front desk man at a more substantial resort.  I agree with others to call this a resort is stretching it. Did try the hot tub and the water was luke warm, and the jets were rather weak. As for the Spa, the prices are rather outrageous based on the pamphlet we received outlining the different treatments. If we were going to spend that amount, we’d have splurged at one of the more upscale locations in Mendocino itself.  The breakfast was a bit depressing. The eggs I suspect were powdered, although they did try to flavor them up a bit which was nice. The bacon was the thinnest strip of bacon I’ve ever had in my life. Muffin was mediocre especially given the very nice bakeries in town. The towels in the room were very nice and large and there was sufficient number of them. Towels were also out by the hot tub.  I found the initial reservation process really burdensome and made us as groupon users feel like 2nd class customers.  Prior to checking out, we received a written offer to extend for another night at $99/night. If that was the original price for the hotel room, then I’d easily give it 3 Stars. But for the price, even discounted via Groupon, sorry, but it has to be 2 stars.   I think Stevenswood has potential, but I think the owner(s) have lost touch with what defines a “Spa and Resort”. This does not qualify.  Would we go back – probably not although I can say the experience wasn’t as horrible as some other guests may have had over the years. Ours was mediocre.


Bill B

Henderson, Nevada, September 16, 2013

I have to agree with the comments shared by many Tripadvisor raters. When we first checked in the service was amazing. Nelson greeted us like we were long-lost friends. He offered to carry our bags to our room and made recommendations on good places to eat dinner. We were provided wine tastings by Pam who was great to talk with and knowledgeable of the wine being sampled. The room we stayed in was large and comfortable but needed some repairs and attention to detail. The fireplace needed cleaning and the wall above the fireplace needed paint. The beds were the best we had slept on during our trip. Breakfast was okay but the same both mornings so we opted to eat out the second day. The next day the front desk person was dull and not very friendly. He seemed unapproachable. When we returned later that day he didn’t even remember us and asked if we were a late check in. And as mentioned in many comments, booking was a royal pain when using the Groupon certificate. There are some really easy fixes to make this a great place to stay but the owners need to make the necessary changes.



  • greg s.
  • San Francisco, CA, September 9, 2013


Summary: We walked in & walked right back out. This “Spa Resort” charges the same amount of money that we spent for a night at a luxurious Napa hotel and way more than most hotels in San Francisco for: – old & rundown furniture – rooms that smell of that old & rundown furniture – motel style bathrooms – a mediocre jaqquzi outside, one communal and one private that looked more like an outhouse without a roof. That said, Nelson, the man running the operation is very nice & eager to please (within the constrains of what this sh*thole has to offer), rooms do have a fireplace, there seem to be complimentary winetastings in the afternoon, and if overall my description didn’t scare you, this may be your thing. Oh, there is no cell service (not their fault) but the super fast wireless only works downstairs. Overall, don’t waste your money unless you send your grandparents up for a weekend retreat.




  • Jay F.
  • San Francisco, CA, September 3, 2013


I’m going to give this one a mediocre 3. I thought the service was great (to agree with other yelpers, it doesn’t get better than Nelson). The rooms were HUGE, but weren’t, how-do-you-say, creme-de-la-creme.  Just an old place.  Don’t be surprised, there isn’t daily maid service.  Gerat views from the room, but the patio furniture  was kind’a dirty and run down.  Fun little hole-in-the-wall place, but wasn’t the 4-star spa resort it was built to be. Most dissapointing though was the lack of services.  When we went up there the restaurant was closed because of lack of water and the breakfast was continental (it wasn’t bad, just minimal).  If there’s a water shortage you can’t blame them, but this information was made known after we booked and I kind’a feel like we should have gotten a discount or at least a heads-up before we booked.  More importantly, the resort if like 3 miles out of town and there is nowhere that is walkable because of the narrow roads – as a result of the lack of a restaurant (or a bar that is open past 6 or so) it isn’t really feasible to stay at the resort.  Put differently, it unfortunately wasn’t really a full-service resort when we were there.




Grammy S

Livermore, California, August 26, 2013


We found out about Stevenswood through GROUPON. We headed north for my birthday celebration. From the moment we drove up and walked towards the front door, I was in heaven. The cutest man, with a great handlebar mustache (Nelson), was standing in the door way and holding the door open for us. It felt like we were coming to visit our favorite uncle or something…he couldn’t have been more welcoming and gracious. He showed us around the inn, then up to our room. Everything he said was with the enthusiasm of a man on his first night on the job, not like a man who has worked there for 14yrs (as he has done). The room (The Reeves) was just gorgeous and very large, and he had all the lights on and the champagne in an ice bucket. I love the decor and architecture…reminds me of my parents Frank Lloyd Wright home. All natural resources….beautiful natural wood, cork floors and slate. Frank Lloyd Wright used the same and designed a home to feel likethe outside and inside are one. I felt that same thing in our room. I loved that every window had a beautiful view of nature and it’s beautiful trees. I loved that the entire inn had beautiful original art throughout. That gives a warm feeling like you are again staying at your favorite uncles’ and not a sterile hotel. We’ve stayed at the Mendocino Hotel twice before and frankly those old rooms with all the old furniture felt like I was at my grandparents old home. (loved the restaurant though).  The bed was so comfortable and we loved the fairly large flat screen TV. The next morning we headed down for our breakfast around 9:30am. There was only one waiter and he was busy serving many tables. Soon we were the last ones in the restaurant and had some great conversations with the waiter (I think his name is Josh). He’s a young good looking guy with a great sense of humor. He told us about some great places to check out while we were up there. Turned out he’s a single Dad with a young son and we enjoyed hearing about his son. We soon headed out for a walk in the forest…so peaceful and beautiful. We stopped and took hundreds of pictures around their property and in town. We returned in the afternoon just in time for our massages. We both had massages with Brook. I had mine first and enjoyed talking to her before my massage started. She is SO knowledgable about hollistic health, and nutruition. I just picking her brain. Great massage and after I opted to relax in the mediation lounge while my husband his massage. Brook came in to make sure I was comfortable and brought me some tea. I was just in heaven, laying back with my feet up, watching the fire (artificial), and listening to the soft music. The Spa is small but very relaxing and beautiful and Brook is a great massage therapist…what more could I have dreamed of. In just 3 days of staying there we were able to come home relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back into “real life” with wonderful memories of our stay at Stevenswood and all the nice people we met there. I look forward to our next trip to Stevenswood and hopefully in the Reeves room again.





My wife and I experienced Stevenswood through a Groupon that we purchased.  We had high hopes, and everything seemed somewhat promising until the actual stay began.   Our room (which we had to pay extra for because of the extremely limited number of rooms that were actually covered under the Groupon) was just fine.  It was clean and there was plenty of space.  The downside was that the shower was extremely low flow, turning a 15 minute shower into a 25 minute job.   The owner whom I only met on two occasions was unassumingly cold towards me, and on both occasions I felt as though I was bothering him.  The majority of the staff in fact was rather cold excluding the wonderful dinner waitress we had as well as Nelson, one of the guest services members. But since I brought up dinner, it is worth noting that the food, while not the worst I have ever had, was not worth the price we paid.  I would even go so far as to say that dinner was not worth wasting a meal on.  Eat somewhere else, because there are surely better places in the area to spend the same amount of money.   As choppy and abrupt as this review has been, I give you one word of advice if you are another Grouponer: make sure you know what is included because the staff absolutely does not know what is covered under the Groupon.  And anyone else who is thinking of staying here.  Shop elsewhere, stay elsewhere.  There are cheaper places that will surely be much more pleasant on your vacation.



Fairfield, California, July 9,2013


We headed to our Mendocino weekend adventure @ Stevenswood after having a wonderful time visiting Matanza’s Creek for their Lavender and Wine Festival. We were greeted by Nelson (and Marco) immediately upon arrival, and he set the tone for the rest of our stay. Fun, friendly and informative. Everyone we encountered on the staff had great recommendations for places to visit, hikes to take and tales of the area. We had a fireplace in our room, and used it both evenings. Great. Also, the hot spa under the stars…..



  • Mike C.
  • Brentwood, CA, June 21, 2013


This is our third visit to the Stevenswood Inn and we will be back. Matt, Connie, Nelson, Pam and the rest of the staff are top notch! The rooms are comfortable and roomy. We stay in the ‘”Pullen”. The restaurant is amazing. We take a morning at the spa and Connie will insure your spa experience is equally unforgettable. Forget the coupon deals, pay these professionals to take care of you and they will. Tip generously so these folks will stay around until your next visit. The Mendocino coast is second to none in the world.






San Francisco, June 10, 213


We decided to take a short weekend up to Mendocino form San Francisco and thanks to a Groupon deal we chose the Stevenswood. After reading some of the reviews here we were worried however none of the issues mentioned were true for our stay and we were very happy. Nelson was extremely friendly on arrival. We have two senior dogs and the staff was always very nice to them. In the back of the resort there is a perfect large grassy lawn that the dogs could wander around while we relaxed on chairs. We had a very good dinner on Friday night with an extra-friendly waitress and good breakfasts each day. We didn’t have a chance to try the jacuzzi and work out equipment but they looked nice. We and our dogs thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to our next stay!



Juliann H

Eagle Point, Oregon, United States May 8, 2013


Once again my theory that you must see for yourself rather than rely solely on reviews paid off. I received a Stevenswood offer via internet and invited our Brother and Sister-In-Law to join us for a two night stay at Stevenswood. Just before leaving, I read the latest reviews and just about paniced. We did not experience even one of the problems related by the previous travelers.  Our room was the Queen facing the carriage house – it was spacious and very clean. The gardens and the trees are beautiful. We had a great time wine and olive oil tasting and visiting with the other guests, this was free. Everyone had their pets who were welcomed by the management. Our dining experience was excellent service wise, I had the Rack of Lamb – serving size was enough for me but both my husband and his brother were disappointed in quantity of food served, not the quality. Complimentary Breakfast was yummy, seemed like there was a choice to please all. I also enjoyed my first detox body wrap at the Spa and a massage that was taylored to my back problems.  We thoroughly enjoyed the staff – Nelson, of course, is everyones favorite – he absolutely aims to please all.



Corrine L.




Went to Mendocino for a gf spa getaway weekend.  We were pleasantly greeted by Nelson who was a do it all type person.  He was friendly n joyous, he checked us in smoothly, he escorted us up to our huge Stevens suite and showed us everything including our fireplace and proceeded to carry all our luggage in a single trip, provided us with extra linen n glasses and lastly fill up our ice bucket so our party could begin!!  He gave us suggestions for dinner in town and informed us of the various parks that were near. Our suite was huge with a queen size bed, double sofa bed, table and chairs and a mini fridge that actually kept our wine and snacks cold. Complimentary full breakfast was the just the best with spinach, bacon and ham along with fresh fruit!   We also ate dinner the next day and the rack of lamb and duck was scrumptious!! Service again was exceptional!   Spa n facial were just heavenly!!   This was my first facial and it was a wonderful experience!   Michael and staff went out of their way to make us feel comfy n pampered!! Nice walk from the hotel to the bluff for a short morning walk.   Town is just minutes away from the hotel as well as parks. Would definitely come back again!!  Thank you stevenswood resort!!



In short; expensive, beautiful, and rude. Me and my bf decided to do a weekend getaway near Mendocino, CA. This place is gay owned, looked up to date on amenities, and had pricing in our budget. Turns out the place is all looks and no luxury. The staff is no more gracious or kind than a standard best western or holiday inn. They seem to smile and say hello, but anything past that isn’t really a conversation you want to have. Nelson appeared to be the main concierge or host, he was very friendly and greets you by showing you to your room, giving a tour of the place, and then helping you get your luggage out of your car and to your room. He seems to know a lot about the area, and is probably the manager on duty. The wine lady (and sometimes waitress at the restaurant) is very friendly. She does really try to force sales on you and doesn’t pay much attention to you once you made your purchase or have rejected her offers. The room was pretty nice, albeit a little under maintained, nothing that would make me complain to the front desk. There are robes, slippers, more cups than you would need for two nights, spare pillows, eco friendly toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, face soap, spare roll of toilet paper, and 8 carious towels). The room also has a mini fridge that was stocked with some beers and waters with a paper that had all the prices. The fireplaces had two logs that were easy light, and there was a lighter right there. The fire lasted us about 3 hours.  The gym had a bowflex, a cycle, and a treadmill. The treadmill is a death trap, something is VERY wrong with it. There also was a small dry sauna. The hot tub was very clean and well constructed. The woodsy backyard provides a romantic area that could also be reserved for private time. Towels are in a hamper here, so don’t worry about bringing them from your room. The breakfast was quiet but nice. We had James as our waiter who was much nicer than the other man. The other man seemed to have a problem with us being so young because he only provided for the elderly couple sitting on the other side of the room. He actually made us feel very uncomfortable especially when he had to check what room we were in to see that we weren’t bumming free breakfast. The breakfast is surprisingly good, we had pancakes, waffles, and omelettes during our stay. The coffee was pretty good too, they seem to do drip in the kitchen, but put it in a french press at your table so you can pour at your leisure. Tipping is suggested $5+. Dinner at the Stevenswood restaurant is quite over priced for what you get. We had shrimp salad and lamb shanks. Our total was about $60 before tip, and we went back to our room hungry. The food was well presented and the venue was definitely going for a romantic allure, but it ends up being too empty and quiet.  Parking is easy here, and luckily the resort is well lit from the main highway, so you shouldn’t miss it! We had a lot of issues with our bill. We had a discount and it never showed up on our credit card statement. The employees did a very good job telling us that it was our fault, in fact, they very much seemed prepared to deal with customers asking where their money is. Must happen a lot. We ended up letting them know that we would file a dispute with Visa, they then jumped into action and had the money sent to our account. Reading my review, it seems pretty negative. I will say that it was a beautiful place, and we took a lot of nice photos. I wish that the staff was trained to deal with us city folk who are used to better customer service. I would also hope that no one ever pays full price, because even with our 33% discount it doesn’t seem worth it by a longshot.



We were delighted to find a Travelzoo voucher for a king or queen suite, including a dining credit, & because we’ve stayed there several times, didn’t bother to read any of the recent reviews. Our mistake! Trying to redeem our voucher was a frustrating & humiliating NIGHTMARE!  When we called, the person we spoke with was rude, arrogant, and made us feel unwelcome. Only full-paying guests can speak with a live person, or you can pay $100 for the privilege.  We were directed to the on-line voucher reservation site, where king rooms cost $99 extra, there were 2 pages of snarky rules, including agreeing to blindly accept any & all credit card charges (see other reviews), & very little availability, which differed from the website for full -paying guests, & of course, you couldn’t speak to a person to ask questions or resolve issues.  THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!  But we didn’t want to lose our voucher, so we found a night, booked the room, & decided to go with a good attitude. Nelson (host) was his usual delightful self, even letting us check in early (without an upcharge).  Dinner was good (not great), the free wine tasting was their own mediocre label, & although we ultimately had a pleasant enough stay, WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK!!





Senior Reviewer

“Frustrating & humiliating. What a nightmare!”

Reviewed March 26, 2013


My husband & I have had several enjoyable stays at Stevenswood. When we found a Travelzoo voucher including a dining credit, we purchased it without reading recent reviews on any of the travel sites. Our mistake! Trying to redeem the voucher was a nightmare!! When we called to make the reservation, the person we spoke with was rude, arrogant & condescending. Because we had a discount voucher, we were treated like second-class citizens, and made to feel unwelcome. Only full-paying guests can speak with a “live person” and I was directed to their voucher website. (our friends in a similar situation were told they could speak with a person, but it would cost $100). Once at the website, there were several major problems. Our voucher said “king or queen suite”, but there was an additional $99 charge for a king, almost all the rooms were king, & I couldn’t talk to a person about it! Even though there were still 4 months left on our voucher, there was very limited availability, and again, no one at the hotel would assist me. There were 2 pages of “rules” requiring binding agreement to accept any extra credit card charges. The entire reservation experience was frustrating & humiliating. We finally found a night, booked a room, & decided to go with a good attitude. Once we were there, things improved. Nelson (who was not the person we spoke with on the phone), was a lovely host & even allowed us to check-in early. Dinner was good, not great, & the free wine tasting was only their own mediocre label. We were determined to enjoy ourselves, and we did, but we’re never going back.





Santa Clara, CA 3/27/2013


I traveled to Stevenswood Spa with my husband on a Bloomspot deal and stayed there for two nights. What a beautiful getaway. The grounds are secluded with towering redwood trees.  Desk staff, Nelson, was very accommodating as he provided a “tour” of our room and explained other amenities. We brought our dog and we learned that Stevenswood will waive the pet fee of $25/day (wow!!).  I have to say that our experience over dinner was hands down the best in Mendocino.  The food was excellent and the service…there was one wait staff and she did a fabulous job assisting all the guests in a timely and friendly manner.  That’s incredible.   There is a limited menu for breakfast, but that’s ok..cause it gave us an opportunity to try other restaurants in downtown Mendocino for lunch.  Loved looking out the window while enjoying the tasting coffee and omelet/Belgian Waffles.   One regret we had is that we should have had dinner both nights at Stevenswood instead of going to downtown Mendo.  Our voucher came with two $25 credit towards a message of our choice.  The two guys who gave us messages were very good at what they do, very professional and also gave us a few tips on body care.  We missed the wine and olive oil tasting the first day, but the second day we went and I’m really glad we did.  The woman who worked in the wine bar, Pam/Patty, was very knowledgeable and friendly (and dressed amazingly, I might add).  The olive oil variety was impeccable and taste so exquisite.  We bought three bottles of oil and two bottles of wines.  Did I mention that the tasting was free!!!   Stevenswood has extended the Bloomspot deal for next year, so we bought another voucher.  Look forward to going back.  I have no negative comment.


Denise K

Walnut Creek, California, United States


Top Contributor



“Basking in the Woods”

Reviewed April 3, 2013


I know – you come to Mendocino for the sea but some of the best finds are not right on the water. (and a short hike across the road brings you to some great vistas). This hotel is a great value – in one place, you have a small inn, a spa, a restaurant, a wine-tasting bar and more. For cat lovers, Marco the cat will cuddle with you and even allows people to pick him up. We may be the only ones, but we go for walks with him. The rooms are comfortable and well furnished with real working fireplaces – this is becoming harder to find up here. Located close to everything, you can simply stay here for your vacation or quickly jaunt around to Mendocino or Ft. Bragg. The people are terrific here – you feel like you are a VIP! Make sure you ask the concierge, Nelson, for tips. He’s been in the area forever and is a pro at his job.



Juliann H

Eagle Point, Oregon, United States

“Be prepared to be pampered.”

 Reviewed May 8, 2013


Once again my theory that you must see for yourself rather than rely solely on reviews paid off. I received a Stevenswood offer via internet and invited our Brother and Sister-In-Law to join us for a two night stay at Stevenswood. Just before leaving, I read the latest reviews and just about paniced. We did not experience even one of the problems related by the previous travelers.  Our room was the Queen facing the carriage house – it was spacious and very clean. The gardens and the trees are beautiful. We had a great time wine and olive oil tasting and visiting with the other guests, this was free. Everyone had their pets who were welcomed by the management. Our dining experience was excellent service wise, I had the Rack of Lamb – serving size was enough for me but both my husband and his brother were disappointed in quantity of food served, not the quality. Complimentary Breakfast was yummy, seemed like there was a choice to please all. I also enjoyed my first detox body wrap at the Spa and a massage that was taylored to my back problems.  We thoroughly enjoyed the staff – Nelson, of course, is everyones favorite – he absolutely aims to please all.



Santa Cruz, CA 1/30/2013


I booked our room blindly after an add I saw on a United Airlines flight so, after reading the extremely opposite reviews (either wonderful or terrible) I was very nervous when we arrived to Stevenswood.  Boy, was I surprised!!, check in was ready, so we were showed IMMEDIATELY to our room, beautiful place, great room, Seth and Nelson at front desk and Pam and Josh at the restaurant, are just fantastic!!  We got a “last minute” deal, 50% off normal rate, so it was great.  The only reason I’m not giving them five stars is because the bathroom in our room needs refurbishment, nothing serious, but it takes away part of the magic of the place. Check out was also fast, we asked for a late check out, no problem!  We loved Stevenswood and definitely will come back and will highly recommend it.




san francisco


Senior Reviewer


“A lovely spot in Little River”

 Reviewed December 17, 2012


Like many reviewers, I had a coupon for a “special deal” at this Little River hotel. I booked my non refundable reservation and then read the reviews…usually not a great way to approach travel, but I was planning a special birthday trip and timing was everything. After reading the reviews I was quite nervous about the trip, but I need not have been concerned. Stevenswood is a lovely resort with quality service and some nice amenities that you won’t find elsewhere. I’d like to specifically address some of the comments I read before I made the trip. First, the price. My perception is that this place has too many special coupon offers. I doubt very much that more than 10% of the guests are paying full price. If they would standardize and create their own standard “packages” I bet they’d have just as many guests and a lot less confusion about which offer you are on and what you are entitled to. But that said, it is pricey…as is everything else on the Mendocino coast. And they do surprise you with a few upcharges – like tips for the “free” breakfast…but I’ve seen much worse. The rooms are spacious and clean. There is a fireplace in every room. True, the TV is tiny, but if you’re in a fireplace suite booking a private hot tub and you’re worried about the dimension of the TV, there is probably something wrong…we never turned ours on! The restaurant is good and the service is wonderful. Nelson deserves all the kudos he gets, but so do all of the folks we interacted with. The spa is pretty basic and somewhat overpriced compared to the market, but you’re paying for the convenience of showing up padding down the hall in your robe, and slipping from the massage into the private hot tub isn’t a bad deal either. One final word – if you were looking for a quaint older place, like many of the lovely Victorian mansions that have been converted into inns, this is not your place. For that experience, I’d go to the Little River Inn and ask for a lodge room. But for a modern remodeled inn, this place is just great. Bottom line is I’d go back in a heart beat, but would never pay the “full price” they quote…I’m not sure that the high base price, like a “rack price” in a typical hotel does them much good. Standardize on a few packages, lower the base, and you’ll have me back soon!





Benicia, CA




“Lovely, relaxing time”

 Reviewed January 20, 2013 via mobile


This was our second stay at Stevenswood Lodge, the first a number of years ago with other owners. We had another really lovely time, and in reading a number of reviews here and on Yelp, I can only say that we did not have the negative experiences listed. Is it the expectations raised by Groupon/Living Social that have caused misunderstandings? The service was very good, Nelson and Pam and Josh going above and beyond. Out dog was welcomed, as were other dogs. Kids were well behaved and kindly treated. The onsite restaurant was very good, and it was so nice to be able to walk down the hall to our room after a great meal with wine. No fear of driving after a beverage or two. Yes, the property is dated a bit, but given the state of the hospitality biz the last few years, this place has prioritized well. And they need to use the marketing tools of Groupon etc., but the issues I have read about we’re more about Groupon than the property managers. All in all, nice modern B & B with extras. The new spa facilities are lovely and have capacity that is under used. Prices aren’t  cheap, true, but I think it is good value. We will be back.



Denise K

Walnut Creek, California, United States


Top Contributor


“Blissful Relaxation on the Coast”

 Reviewed August 28, 2012


We had always stayed at Heritage House when we went to the Mendocino area, but it is now long gone. We got a chance to visit Stevenswood Spa Resort and were delighted. Many hotels on Highway 1 are right on the road- this one is set back nicely meaning the only noises you hear are from wildlife. The small resort is extremely well designed, offering large fireplace rooms with all the amenities, a wine and olive oil tasting bar, a full-feature spa and a top flight restaurant. There is also an exercise facility, they offer wi-fi and free phones and have two hot tubs, one which can be reserved for private use. The friendly staff make you feel welcomed and though we did not have dinner there, their breakfast (included) was elegant and delicious. We quickly became friendly with other guests – it is just that kind of place. If you used to love Heritage House, Nelson, the friendly receptionist, is now here. If you pick your times right, you can see a flock of llama in a pasture next door and Marco, the resident cat, stands ready to take you on a coastal hike.




Somerville, NJ


Senior Contributor


“Nice little gem”

 Reviewed September 18, 2012


We got a groupon deal for $69/night here so we jumped on it. Of course we ended up having to pay an upgrade of an extra $99 to get the only room left the night we were in town, 5 months in advance and for a date after Labor Day. Compared to other places in town it was still in a reasonable range even with the upgrade. However, we have traveled the world and been to many resorts and spas and this is not what I would classify as either. Inn, or Bed and Breakfast is much more appropriate. There is nothing resort about it and the spa services are not even done in house but rather a ‘short drive.’ Spa prices were high, very high and I have been to some amazing spa resorts before and done whole day treatments leaning upwards of $500. However, price is like opinion and may differ greatly for some. This is just my opinion. The room was very spacious with a comfy king bed and fireplace. It was exceptionally clean. The bathroom was also exceptionally clean. Nelson at the front desk is super friendly and beyond accomodating. We didn’t ask for anything extra but we saw him hurriedly accomodating other guest requests and had nice conversations with him.  The restaurant menu was a bit more fancy than we were looking for that night so we ate at a small restaurant in town but if you’re a foody i’d imagine you would love it. They also had free wine and olive oil tastings in the afternoon but we were out climbing the bluffs and didn’t make it back in time.  Great location for walking some of the bluffs and taking in the scenery. Be sure to take your room key everywhere, even on the deck as the door locks behind you!


Portland, OR  6/24/2012

Like so many of the other reviewers, we came here because of a deal we saw on Bloomspot.  I called before purchasing to make sure they had the dates available that we wanted.  The person I spoke to was really nice and checked into their availability.  He then offered to sell me the Bloomspot package on the spot and make my reservation for me so I didn’t have to go through Bloomspot to do it.  Smart move, then Bloomspot doesn’t get their cut!  He made it very, very clear that once he charged my card it was a done deal.  No cancelations, no exceptions.  Part of the problem with the bad reviews is this cancelation policy.  If the policy is clear and you cancel, then don’t expect a refund  You won’t get it.   I think one of the biggest problems is they over promise and under deliver when advertsing on Bloomspot, Groupon, etc.  They definitely give the impression that it’s a high end luxury spa resort.  Not really.  My husband and I have a good sense of humor, so we appreciated a lot of the quirks.  For example, the spa is really just a couple of rooms off to the side of the resort.  A little more effort on ambience woud help.  But, the massage was really nice and we were amused by our massage therapists (in a good way).  Not worth the price though.  Not even close.   The private jacuzzi it not that private.  In fact, if you stand on the upper deck (which I did) you can see into the private jacuzzi area.  I couldn’t see into the hot tub, but if someone was walking around, I would have been able to see.  We used it anyway!  The “ocean view” room is NOT worth upgrading to.  So don’t.  If you stand at a certain angle at the corner of the room, through the corner of the window, you get a little glimpse of the ocean.  This is the only feature that truly disappointed me.  $59/night upgrade fee (which they initially said they would waive, then didn’t) We enjoyed the wine bar.  The wine we tasted was ok.  The woman at the wine bar (wish I could remember her name) was really nice and talkative.  We enjoyed our time sipping wine and chatting.  I love that the restaurant was small and intimate.  It has a limited menu which works just fine.  If you’re vegetarian, your options are far more limited.  I, however, enjoyed my salad (which can be easily shared) and risotto.  My husband had duck breast and it looked like they cooked it perfectly.  He said it was very good.  Skip dessert – definitely not worth it.  The service was excellent and I give the food 4 stars for sure (except dessert).  Breakfast, maybe 2 1/2 or 3 stars.  I guess since it’s included in the price of the room I won’t complain.   The property itself is secluded and quiet.  We have four kids and were so happy to be in a quiet setting.  The staff was very friendly.  Our overall experience was positive.  Overpriced?  Definitely.  Will I go back?  Probably not.  There are other places to try and our stay wasn’t so amazingly memorable that we would make this a regular go to spot for us.  Oh – one more tip.  If you do purchase a deal through Bloomspot, Living Social, etc., I suggest you print out the deal along with your receipt that you paid for it.  When you arrive, make sure whoever checks you in understands what you purchased.  We were supposed to get $25 per person spa credit.  They only gave us one credit of $25.  We were supposed to also get a bottle of wine at the wine bar which we never got.   Best part of the whole experience? Nelson and the resident cat! I give this place four stars because we really enjoyed our stay, the food and the staff.  If the price was more in line with what we actually got, it would be five stars for sure.




Forestville, California


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“A Jewel in the Trees”

 Reviewed June 9, 2012


Each time I’ve driven to Mendocino I would see the Stevenswood Resort sign and wonder what the property, hidden down a lane in the trees, was like. I finally found out thanks to a Groupon deal for a 2-night stay. First, I have to say that making the reservation arrangements was easy and straightforward–but one has to take a little time to carefully read thru the Groupon instructions. A quick, smooth transaction from start to finish resulted. The main building where our room was located resembled a rustic lodge but with an edge of sophistication, and was enhanced by the eclectic artwork of local artists and craftspeople. With only 10 guest rooms in the building, one had the feeling of being in a large private home. (The resident cat, Mark Anthony, added to that comfortable ambiance!) The lobby, wine tasting bar and dining room were relatively dark areas, but still felt open and airy.  Since we arrived about an hour before check-in time, we went to the tasting bar while we waited for our room to become available. We enjoyed talking to the host at the bar and sampled the house wines as well as the flavorful olive oils (everything we tasted was complimentary). We ended up purchasing both wine and oils. The timing was perfect since we were just finishing our tasting experience when Nelson, who was at the reception desk when we checked in, came over to let us know that our room was ready. He exuded incredible energy, efficiency and effusive hospitality. To say we felt warmly welcomed is an understatement! When I originally made the reservations for our stay I requested a “quiet location” and our room (“The Reeves”) was well located on the 2nd (top) floor and shared no common walls with other rooms. Throughout our stay, everything remained very peaceful. I later noted that the room directly across the hall from us was occupied both nights, but there was no noise at all that reached us. Our spacious room had a high A-frame type ceiling with numerous windows, making it bright and open. The room was configured like a suite with a bedroom area (which had a king bed with comfy Tempurpedic mattress, 2 end tables, a long wooden counter/desk, small frig and honor bar) that was partially separated from the sitting area (containing a wood-burning fireplace, a small dining table, 3 chairs, sofa and coffee table). All areas of our room were clean and tidy. There were a few minor spots of worn paint on furniture and a wall. Decor was contemporary, the furnishings simple and the hues of brown, taupe, gold and brick contributed to the tranquil setting. Wall artwork was a nice mix of watercolors and prints. The cork flooring was good looking–and practical. Amenities included: Wi-fi (in room and throughout property), Sharp flat panel TV with DVD, phone with voicemail, clockradio/CD player, coffeemaker, in-room safe, frig/honor bar, wine glasses, iron and ironing board, (2) hairdryers, (2) bathrobes, and 2 pairs of spa slippers. Altho’ we’d been told that cell reception was sketchy, I received a quicker signal at Stevenswood than in some San Francisco locales–perhaps due to my having Verizon provider.  Between ceiling light fixtures and table lamps, there was adequate lighting at night for reading.  The closet space was ample altho’ the folding doors were a little cumbersome. There were a limited number of hangers, but the closet did include a roomy chest of drawers and 3 luggage racks. Our bath was small but made good use of the limited space. Several small shelves plus a little slatted wood bench could be used for toiletries, towels, etc. The stone flooring and uniquely styled glass basin added interest to an otherwise coventional bathroom. There were plenty of towels but minimal basic toiletries provided: soaps, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. TWO hairdryers tho’! The older style tub/shower combo with tile surround was similar to what one might find in a nice motel. The temperature control in the shower was tricky and extremely sensitive–the slightest turn could yield a big leap in temperature. The low flow showerhead was adequate once you got used to it. There was no window in the bathroom, but the ceiling fan altho’ noisy, provided good ventilation and the lighting was adequate.  The largest window in the sitting area was situated in an alcove and altho’ it faced out to the parking area and towards the road, the view was still pleasant and foliage-dominated. In fact, all the windows in our room (7, I believe) had views of trees and other plantings including some lovely rhodies and maples. Blinds effectively controlled the amount of light/view. The heating system was not operating and a courtesy note next to the thermostat control indicated that they were “awaiting parts” for the furnace. A space heater was provided and did a good job of taking away the chill during early morning. That was the only time of day that we used it. The fireplace had a pressed log as fuel, but for some reason it wouldn’t stay lit on the second night–not important enough to seek assistance. I did report that housekeeping had inadvertently left only decaf coffee in our room–and literally within a couple of minutes we were presented with the much needed caffeinated variety. Altho’ there was no private balcony or patio, the property had a number of attractive spots both outdoors and inside that offered sitting areas and pleasant views. Glimpses of the ocean could be sighted from some of the locations.  On the 2nd floor near the stairs, a computer was available for use by guests. There was an outdoor whirlpool tub (just the right temperature), sauna and fitness room. Guests could also make an appt. to use a smaller, private whirlpool as well as book spa treatments. The lush, landscaped grounds and natural environment surrounding Stevenswood were delightful, and we greatly enjoyed strolling around. The llamas grazing on the adjacent Glendeven Inn property also added to the scenery! Just across the highway, one can access a path that meanders thru trees, meadow areas and ultimately arrives at the beautiful coastline of Little River. Walking a bit farther to the south you can also enter Van Damme State Park, so a wealth of hiking possibilities are within a very short distance from Stevenswood. We ate 2 breakfasts (complimentary with lodging) and dinner one night at Stevenswood’s restaurant. Breakfast is served from 8:30am-10am and offers a choice of French toast, pancakes, sausages, omelet (with choice of ingredients), coffee and orange juice. All were simple but nicely prepared and quite tasty. Dinner was EXCELLENT in all respects: the quality of ingredients, presentation and service. I can understand why non-guests as well as guests enjoy coming there to dine. For many additional restaurant choices, one has to travel only a very short distance: To the north, Ravens at the beautiful Stanford Inn by the Sea (where we had a wonderful dinner) is less than 5 min. away, and the village of Mendocino with its array of good restaurants is under 2 mi. away. Just to the south is Little River Inn and restaurant. During our 2 day stay we had conversations with 6 members of the staff at Stevenswood inc. reception, tasting bar, housekeeping and dining room. Each person was congenial, helpful and showed an interest in our well-being. They also seemed to really enjoy and appreciate being at Stevenswood, which says a great deal about the place. Staying at Stevenswood Resort, a rustic yet amenity-rich haven, allowed us to relax and de-stress while surrounded by beauty and comfort. The Mendocino Coast has many gems in its treasure trove of lodging, but Stevenswood is a uniquely outstanding destination!




San Francisco, California




“Stevenswood – a great getaway destination”

 Reviewed June 16, 2012


We just returned from a short stay at Stevenswood Resort in Little River, close to Mendocino, CA. After a beautiful drive up, we were warmly greeted by Seth, one of the owners and Nelson, whose mustache matches his charm – awesome. Our suite was large and very comfortable, complete with a real fireplace and gorgeous views. We spent time walking around the property with our dog, then enjoyed the complimentary olive oil and wine tasting, then spent time in the hot tub relaxing before dinner. Dinner was really delicious and the restaurant is small, quiet, intimate and fits the atmosphere of the inn perfectly. Breakfast this morning was ample and very good. All in all, it was a delightful experience and I would go again.  Stevenswood is in the woods across the road from the ocean side, but it has a large field with llamas roaming around and fun to look at. The people in the room across from ours had a telescope and were aiming it at the ocean which can be seen from several rooms.  It’s only a five minute drive to Mendocino but it’s very nice to come back to the peaceful atmosphere of Stevenswood after spending time there or walking on the beach.




San Jose, California


“Excellent Weekend Trip!”

 Reviewed June 18, 2012


My wife and I celebrated our babymoon this past weekend by visiting Mendocino, and Stevenswood was the perfect place to stay while exploring the area. We purchased a Groupon for a two-night stay here and were very pleased with the bargain that we got. Stevenswood is obviously not a high-end luxury resort, but we found it to be perfectly charming and in keeping with the chill vibe of the Mendocino coast. We stayed in one of ocean-view suites and loved the tall ceiling, spacious sitting area, and view of the garden and neighboring llamas. Highlights of our stay here included the welcoming service from Nelson, the comfortable bed, and the delicious meals. Dinner here is not be missed! We enjoyed our stay here very much and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cozy, welcoming resort from which to enjoy the Mendocino coast.




San Ramon, California


“5-Star Experience”

 Reviewed July 29, 2012


Like a lot of guests, I purchased a 1-night $69 stay on Groupon. When I went to book my room, I discovered that there was no queen suite available until November, or something crazy like that. I emailed Stevenswood immediately stating this was not going to work for me. Michael responded the very next morning and offered a few different options. It turned out that we could get a “last minute grab.” If we booked the day of or the day before we could get ANY available suite with our Groupon deal — which was originally limited to the Queen Suite. After a few email exchanges over the course of a few hours I was able to confirm a suite for the next day. Having read many of the reviews i was concerned about the “hidden” costs. Just to be certain the $69 was $69, not ++++, I had it confirmed in two separate emails with two different people that there were NO extra fees. When I arrived I was pleased to discover that it was in fact the $69 (plus tax). Nothing more. No, this is NOT a resort. It is like most other places up around the Mendocino area, a cute little B & B. Our upgraded Ocean Suite room (Pallen), was clean and spacious with a decent view of the ocean for a non-coastal location. We considered several dining options but ultimately decided to stay at Stevenswood. We avoided corkage fee by having the food delivered to the room for FREE! The food was decent–somewhere in the middle of mediocre and fantastic. Ultimately we were able to have a lovely meal at a “window table” in our own room. We decided to take advantage of the private hot tub following our meal. Since it was locked behind a gate, and there were no other guests in the “public” spa just outside the fence, it was a fantastic end to a romantic evening. We came back to our room to an offer of a 2nd night stay for $99, which I would have taken advantage of if I did not have to work the next morning 😦 All and all, it was MUCH better than I anticipated. Nelson greeted us with a giant smile and a lot of enthusiasm. Both Michael and Seth were extremely responsive by email, and pleasant enough when we checked out the next morning. Room service was timely and professionally delivered. Breakfast, like dinner, was decent. Are the choices limited, yes. But if you know this going in, you won’t be disappointed. And yes, they do bring a folio with at “suggested tip” inside. Very direct, not too tactful. BUT, if you’ve ever been a server you know how much of your income depends on tips, and in a restaurant where there is no real bill, it seems to me the direct approach is just the owners looking out for their staff –understandable enough. So, 5-star resort? No. 5-star experience? For me, yes. And the effort the staff at Stevenswood put forth was a BIG part of that… I would go back.




Oakland, CA




“We had a fabulous night at Stevenswood!”

 Reviewed April 27, 2012


I have to say–I am very surprised by all the negative reviews because my boyfriend and I had an excellent stay here last week. We were kindly greeted by Nelson upon arrival, and he was incredibly accommodating, personable, and helpful with all of our questions. Our room was very spacious, clean, and well appointed. The bed was super comfortable and the floor plan and ceiling lines were very appealing to the eye. Our views were fabulous–and the room quiet and serene. We enjoyed a complimentary wine and olive oil tasting and the young man who worked behind the wine bar was very friendly and engaging. I really liked all the art on the walls and the general aesthetic of the dining room, which had very comfortable seating and beautiful views. We were Groupon guests and didn’t feel second rate at all. Our bill came out correctly and there were no complications with the front desk! Maybe we were just lucky with the staff persons working on the night we came, but I would give them all stellar reviews (Nelson, the waitstaff, and the gentleman behind the bar). Finally, the food was very good. Our Groupon deal gave us a 100 dollar credit to the restaurant and we very much enjoyed the appetizers and entrees. The soup was awesome and I thought the red snapper was delicious. Food was attractively presented, timely, and cooked correctly. We enjoyed the Silverwood Cab with our meal, which you can buy for 19 dollars at the wine bar. Maybe if we had paid full price, we would have been more picky…. but for a 179.00 dollar Groupon that included one nights stay, a 3 course dinner, and a finely prepared breakfast (not big portions but very well cooked food)… I think it was a total steal! Also–the private jacuzzi was a huge plus and they provide robes/flip flops for the travel to and from the hot tubs.




Washington, DC


Senior Reviewer


“A lovely first Mendocino Experience!”

 Reviewed May 13, 2012


I also can’t understand how this resort could be rated anything less than excellent or very good.  My husband and I booked Stevenswood directly through one of the owners, Michael. I missed the deal that was an unbelievable array of offerings with 4 nights accommodation and I was sorely disappointed. He happily honored my request directly over the phone, and we booked that day in late January 2012.  I’m normally TERRIBLE with names but can tell you the name of everyone we interacted with, including their amazing cat Mark Anthony and super sweet lab, Zach. Chris served us at both dinners with EXCELLENT pours of wine and port, and at the wine and olive oil tasting. His winery recommendations were second to none! Make sure you have dinner here at least one night, you will be glad you did. Josh served breakfast and he provided great service. Nelson is very cheerful, and per our driver with Mendocino Wine Tours he is a staple in Mendocino area and a wonderful guy to know. We agree. We each received a 1-hour spa service as part of the online offering and Brook was our masseuse. WOW. My husband and I prefer totally different massages and she was great for both of us. I thought the Lomi Lomi was super fun. Michael and Seth (the owners) were wonderful, we met them both several times and when we had questions about our bill Michael was very approachable and NOTHING was charged that should not have been.  The room was very spacious, and the bed was very comfortable. Don’t neglect the large deck outside for a little sunshine and a view of the ocean… the neighboring Inn has Llama’s you can watch from there too!




San Francisco, California


Senior Reviewer


“”Outstanding” — from a demanding, implacable guest”

 Reviewed May 26, 2012


I am NOT easy to please — and I’m aggressive and unpleasant when I’m not pleased. But I’m also happy to extoll and recommend what is exceedingly well done.  And so I rate our Stevenswood experience as exceptional in very nearly every regard: All in all, truly impeccable service, fine accommodations, excellent food, warm ambiance. EVERY request we made was eagerly and politely obliged by the hotel staff. Nelson at the front desk is a remarkably nice and accommodating guy. Knowing we’d arrive too late for our first night’s dinner reservation, we called to cancel it. I asked to order ahead, and get dinner served later in our room. Nelson saw to it — even though the kitchen had closed a good hour before our late arrival. When we had settled into our room, he brought dinner up. It was hot, fresh, well served — and delicious. (Warm desserts were even held until we’d finished the main meal.) What’s more, NO room service charge was added.  Did I say the food was delicious? I mean delicious. We are demanding, San Francisco “foodies” and I’d call Stevenswood meals first-rate.  The first of our 2 mornings at the inn, I got up late. Breakfast service was just coming to an end, so our waiter (Josh) called up to our room and took my order. He brought it out steaming — just minutes after I finally came downstairs to eat. This waiter — Josh — is a gem. He either has remarkable instincts or has been very well trained; he is genuinely personable and ready to meet your needs, but he did NOT hover and was never intrusive. The room itself was extremely comfortable and well-appointed. I am a poor sleeper, but I had 2 nights of refreshing, deep sleep in a great king bed.  The furniture is good quality and though some of it’s been dinged, it’s not unsightly. Very comfortable, in fact. The view out our 2nd floor lodge room was beautiful. Below us: well groomed grounds — w/ rhododendrons in full bloom and gorgeous local bird species flitting around a feeder. Also — exactly as described on the inn website — we had a “distant-partial” ocean view. This is the kind of “truth in advertising” that I appreciate and commend.  When we checked out we were politely and properly provided an “estimated” final bill to review before signing. I’m puzzled that some reviewers are angry about this. MANY hotels — whether they call your final bill an “estimate” or not — will add charges after the fact in some cases. For instance, if hoteliers offer anything worth stealing and a guest takes an item or two. At Stevenswood things that might disappear include special hand-stuffed buckwheat pillows (!!) available on request; spa robes; even items from an honor “bar”. Unfortunately, people DO steal things, and hotels DO amend the guests’ bill when that happens.  OK, so having sung the praises of Stevenswood, I’ll add this: Perfection is hard to find and you won’t find it here. (Personally, I’ve never have found “it” anywhere.) So, here are some recommendations for the hotel owners: 1. Provide some bright reading lights in at least one area of the rooms. (Stevenswood is very eco-concious and uses CFL bulbs. These are often not very bright or pleasant to read by.) So owners…. relax your principles a little. 2. Change your website breakfast menu to reflect actual current offerings — unless you’re planning to expand your menu. In addition to coffee/juice, etc. breakfast includes an omelet-to-order, French toast or a pancake option — NOT the other delectable items featured on the hotel website. Creating expectations you can’t meet is bad business. 3. Consider changing your establishment’s name. Stevenswood is not a “resort” — a term that implies much more than lodging, food — and in this case, a spa. You DO provide some other nice services, but best be on the modest rather than grandiose side in promoting your place. 4. Improve your accounting procedures. You UNDERCHARGED me. Until I pointed it out, you’d failed to add charges for our second night’s dinner. Some reviewers have pointed out omissions/additions that were NOT in their favor. Bad book keeping isn’t good — either for Stevenswood’s bottom line finances, or its reputation.  And finally, two caveats to my fellow travelers: If you’ve got a pre-paid package, you may indeed have trouble booking. I did with the AAA coupon I bought. I don’t know whose ineptitude was responsible for the fantastically frustrating (and ultimately futile) online reservation labyrinth I tried to negotiate — but a month after my reservation headaches, the website problem STILL isn’t resolved. If you have difficulty with your “pre-paid” reservation, COMPLAIN to everyone you can think of. If you’re like me, you’ll get help, satisfaction — and a wonderful place to stay. One last thing: if you’re sensitive to noise, avoid the second-floor Pullen Suite — on its own merits, very nice. BUT, it’s over (or adjacent to) the restaurant kitchen, and in the morning, I (as an audio professional) was bothered by the slight hum and vibration of the restaurant ventilation system.  In the end, though: Bravo, Stevenswood!  And to you would-be-guests, I’d say this: relax, and if you’re not happy with something at this inn — let the staff know. Innkeepers are just like you and me; they have failings and they make mistakes. But HERE, the staff seems genuinely interested in fixing what’s wrong, if they can. My best advice: stay here. Stevenswood is a truly fine place to relax and enjoy yourselves.



Judie C

Daly City, California




“Great accommodations, great food, great service”

 Reviewed September 20, 2011


My experience with Stevenswood Resort and Spa was fabulous. From the very first time that I called to ask questions about my Groupon voucher I was treated with courtesy and respect. Upon arrival we were greeted by Nelson who was very helpful in seeing us to our room. Our plan was to stay on the property and enjoy all that it had to offer and I’m so delighted that we did. From our spa treatments to our breakfast prior to checkout I could not have asked for anything more. Our room was lovely, quiet and immaculate. A highlight for me was our evening meal. I live in San Francisco where we are soooooooo snobby about our food and restaurants but my meal at Stevenswood ranks high of my list of favorites. I recommend a stay here without hesitation. I will go back. Judie Crudo




Laguna Beach, California

“Absolutely the BEST place to stay!”

 Reviewed August 2, 2011

I have visited Stevenswood many times. Each time I remember why I keep coming back. It doesn’t have that typical B&B “Grandma Alice” feel. Everything is modern and elegant, but you feel comfy walking around in your jogging suit. Nelson, the gentleman who checks us in, is always so friendly and is quite the character… complete with a handlebar mustache! Being that I don’t go ANYWHERE without my beloved dog, we are always greeted with dog bowls for our baby. She absolutely loves strolling the property and even has a little crush on Zach, the big black lab that is in the lobby sometimes(he tolerates her). 😀 The tempurpedic (sp) beds are a dream, the breakfast is great, but it does end promptly, so you want to make sure you don’t sleep in every day you’re there so you don’t miss it. As far as the other comments, we did not feel pressured to eat dinner there. In fact we were called to make sure we didn’t miss out on it. That was AWESOME! I am so glad they do this. Everyone there is so helpful and friendly, I cannot say enough. If you are truly looking for a place to disconnect from the world and unwind, Stevenswood is the place. I recommend it for anybody looking for a quick getaway, a romantic weekend, or just because. Definitely worth it!



Dallas, Texas

“We were treated like royalty.”

 Reviewed June 15, 2011


We were treated like royalty during our stay at Stevenswood in May 2011. From the moment we were greeted at the front door by Nelson we were given the VIP treatment by the entire staff. Our room was very comfortable and appointed with lots of amenities. The food served in the dining room was top notch. Gena our hostess in the dining room gave us special treatment and even had the chef bring us fresh morell mushrooms (which had been paired with our delicious steak) so that we could see them as they were before being cooked. The chef even came out to speak with us. The grounds are so peaceful with flowers in bloom everywhere in a beautiful natural setting with giant trees all around. We truly wish that we could have had a few more days to stay and enjoy Stevenswood and look forward to a future trip when we can book two or three days.




San Francisco


Senior Contributor


“Classy, beautiful, peaceful place to relax”

 Reviewed April 17, 2011


I enjoyed a two night stay at Stevenswood with my pup. I booked my trip through a special (Living Social) and was thoroughly happy with the experience. My room/suite was modern and tastefully furnished, huge, and comfortable, with lots of sitting areas. Wifi in my room was very fast. My room had windows facing in three directions, most of which offered tranquil woodsy views. I did not use my fireplace, though I enjoyed that I had the option. The television had great reception and a zillion channels. I loved the Tempurpedic bed, and the bedding was of excellent quality. The robes were fluffy, fresh, clean and slip on sandals were provided in the pockets. Maid service was okay (room was very clean on arrival) but could have been a little better after check-in (cups not washed after I used them, but otherwise room was spiffed up appropriately). Noise travels through the hallways somewhat during the day, but it was very quiet at night and I slept wonderfully despite being a light sleeper. The grounds are pleasantly landscaped, and abut Van Damme park hiking trails from several directions. I did two hikes up and down the coast from the trail across the street from the resort — great views a short hike away with a few benches situated for picnics. The outdoor spa was never crowded during the weekend that I was there, and there is a second spa that you can reserve for more privacy. Mendocino is literally a 5 minute drive up the road. Breakfast was pretty good — a variety of options, including a baked frittata type thing with sundried tomatoes and mozarella, lemon-ricotta pancakes, and made-to-order omelettes. I would have appreciated a healthy, low-calorie spa-type option (e.g., poached eggs & spinach). I didn’t love the sausage links (kind of reminiscent of Jones). The homemade scones, however, were out-of-sight delicious. The staff were all very friendly and helpful (Nelson is wonderful), and one of the owners was on premises a lot and also was friendly and helpful.



“Everything you could ask for in a Mendocino getaway”

 Reviewed May 4, 2010


From the moment we walked in until the time we checked-out, we couldn’t have asked for better service or a more serene environment. Our only regret is that we couldn’t stay longer!  Although the resort is not in Mendocino, it is a short drive to town. You truly feel “away from it all” at Stevenswood. It would be easy to stay exclusively on the property with all the amenities offered. The private outdoor hot tub is heavenly. We also dined at the restaurant for breakfast and dinner – the meals were superb.  Nelson and staff were wonderful – the service was flawless. Having stayed at Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons resorts in the U.S. and abroad, we give Stevenswood high marks for their service. Thank you for an amazing stay, we can’t wait to return!




Fresno, California


“does not disappoint”

 Reviewed June 8, 2009

Let me start by saying I normally pour over many websites and pages of reviews of places before I make any reservations. That being said I totally made reservations for our first anniversary Stevenswood on a whim after seeing an ad for a deal with Costco. After calling and booking direct I later started reading the reviews here and got a little worried. There are many great reviews on here but a lot of bad ones as well, and the some of the best reviews seemed to come from members who had only just signed up the day they left the glowing review–seemed suspicous to a skeptic like me. Well all those fears were put to rest after arriving. All of the good stuff said before me holds true, so I’m not going to gush too much because you can read it there. The restaurant, the tempur-pedic bed, the location and scenery, all fantastic.  What I do want to point out is a few of these so-called downfalls that had me worried from previous posts. First, the staff is not in the least bit pretentious, in fact they were absolutely fantastic, willing to do anything to make our stay better. We are a young couple who might not necessarily look like we belong in any upscale restaurants or hotels, my husband has a ponytail to his waistline and wears t-shirts with skulls everywhere, if they were at all pretentious surely we would’ve been likely candidates for this rudeness. We booked through one of these deals and had didn’t feel that anyone looked down on us like other reviewers said. Nelson checked us in and was fantastic, we had trouble with the pillows the first night (too soft and comfortable for our taste) and he brought us new ones in minutes. We were even asked upon checkout if everything was okay or if there was anything that needed attention, all I have to say is if you are unhappy about ANYthing here, just ask and I’m sure they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy.




Orinda, California

Senior Contributor

“Spectacular! Beyond all expectations.”

 Reviewed June 24, 2009


From the moment of check-in with the exquisitely moustached, and enthusiastic, concierge, Nelson, to the gentle giant, Vladimir, in the spa, the weekend was superb … and all too short. The staff was considerate, courteous and attendant. The breakfasts were sinfully delicious (try the pancakes!) and dinner was a delight. The morel mushrooms were plentiful and good, good, good. We loved the spa so much that we went both days day for massages. Vlad’s hands are the size of dinner plates and he works on those kinks so hard you can actually hear him huffing and puffing. Our room was clean and comfortably spacious. We particularly liked the in room espresso machine (we’ve seen it before, but only in Europe). We have been to Mendocino numerous times, but, without exception, this was the best.



Sonoma County, California

“Top of the line comfort and service!”

 Reviewed October 21, 2008

We stayed at the Stevenswood Spa for just one night, but it felt like we were there for a week! The friendly and professional staff went above and beyond. It is a very small resort and it feels like you are a guest in their home. Michael and Seth have done a wonderful job of transforming this wooded area spa into a serene and calming retreat. Nelson is a breath of fresh air when checking in – fun-loving, yet very professional. We had spa treatments and Katherine gave me the best foot massage that, I swear, I have EVER had! ! ! I would not hesitate to go back again and again. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, GUYS!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!



Los Angeles, CA

“Stevenswood gets it right”

 Reviewed December 16, 2008

just wanted to write a quick review of stevenswood. Went here with my wife for an anniversary trip and the property and staff are both fantastic. I’ll start with the room…clean, spacious, beautiful views, and super comfortable bed. the staff was great…Nelson and Michael were very accommodating, and always were willing to help and make sure you were having a good stay. For the price you’re getting a top notch resort, with having to deal with a big resort (if that makes sense). My wife enjoyed her spa treatments and since she is an esthetician at a fancy spa, I’m assuming that says alot. Food was very good, breakfast was my favorite (make sure to try the waffles with wild rice in them!). Bottom line is that if you’re looking for a quiet romantic getaway in an amazingly beautiful location, this place is for you. Southern californians….don’t be afraid of the long drive…lots of great stops along the way!




“Pampered Luxury”

 Reviewed October 1, 2008

I am not sure which establishment “PearTree05” is referring to in the recent review of 9/26, as we were in the middle of our very enjoyable stay at Stevenswood during that period of time. I am assuming we had the same owners and staff that PearTree did and they were fabulous. I am not sure Nelson could jump any higher out of his chair to open the door for us or any other guest that he happen to notice pulling up to the front door.  The food was fantastic – the Tuscan Scramble breakfast was my favorite with some of the best scones I have ever eaten. The staff was very attentive with the type of service you would expect on a cruise ship – (the maid staff somehow made up our room in the time we spent at breakfast every morning)



Chicago, IL

“Great Stay!”

 Reviewed May 17, 2008

We loved Stevenswood overall!  The wood burning fireplace was a nice touch. They had it prepared every night, so we only had to light a match to get it going.  Dinner was amazing. By far the best restaurant we ate at in Mendo. It doesn’t even compare to the others. We had read alot of great reviews about the breakfast, and that’s the only thing we were really disappointed with. It was the same menu every day which was limited and the food was average. But definately have dinner in the restaurant.  Michael and Nelson were so nice and accomodating to our every need. The rooms could use a little updating. It would have been nice to have a bathroom vanity to lay my makeup out on, but they have a pedastool stink.  We read in other reviews and on the Stevenswood website that they have Hermes products in each room, but we didn’t find that to be true. It was another brand. Not a big deal, but strange that they promoted it and didn’t actually have it.



Oakland Ca

“Wonderful and relaxing”

 Reviewed July 10, 2008

Wow, what a experience. My partner and I stayed in the Pullen room on July fourth week-end from the time we entered the front door we were treated like friends visiting instead of guests at a hotel. Nelson greeted us with a bottle of wine then he showed us to our room. The room was outstanding. We had a relaxing view of the ocean and in the morning was bale to watch the birds in the garden from our window. Nelson helped us carry our bags to our room and told us to call if we needed anything else. When we called for ice he brought it within a few minutes. No walking down to a noise ice machine and helping our selves. Mike the owner went out of his way to make our stay feel like we family. He offered to get my partner a comb form the store because she forgot hers. I don’t believe any other place would have offered that service. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud and the towels were big, thick, and very soft. We used the private hot tub. It was heaven to sit in the tub and know that we had it to ourselves. The breakfast in the morning was made to order and wonderful/ I hope we can go back soon. The only regret we have is that we did not have dinner there. Next time we will have dinner and stay longer.



Stockton, CA

“Phenominal Experience!”

 Reviewed March 29, 2008

My two sisters and I took a road trip and drove 4+ hours to stay at the Stevenswood Spa Resort. Immediately upon arrival we were welcomed by the concierge, Nelson, with a bottle of wine in hand. We met one of the owners, Michael, and his wonderful parents the following day. Michael and his staff were extremely warm and accommodating. The three of us scheduled spa treatments the day after our arrival and were very impressed with the services provided. I must say the highlight of the trip, besides being surrounded by great people, was the FOOD! The chef was out of this world. The food was unbelievably delicious. The presentation was beautiful. The waiters and waitresses were very knowledgeable. I can’t leave out the fabulous room! The fireplace was stocked with pre-treated wood. The view from every window was spectacular. There was even a telescope set up to see the stars right from the comfort of your room. The owner has thought of everything. This has thusfar been the best hotel/resort experience I’ve had and I’ve been to some pretty snazzy places in my 42 years. I’ve already recommended it to my co-workers and friends. I’m looking forward to taking my husband. Kudos to the owners and staff at the Stevenswood Resort Spa!



Sacramento, California

“”How to Make a Honeymoon Memorable””

 Reviewed October 15, 2007

We chose the Stevenswood Resort and Spa for our honeymoon and couldn’t not have had a more wonderful experience!!From booking our stay with Michael and Nelson, to the outstanding spa staff and Laura and Geneva for our couples massage, to Fletcher, Dean, Seth and Amy making every meal an experience! The rooms are great and so comfortable. We arrived to a bottle of champagne in our room and felt so welcome and at ease. The size of the property lends itself very well to feeling like a true guest and not just another “head in a bed”. The restaurant is amazing-gourmet breakfast every morning and fabulous dinners. We have decided to return on our first anniversary to see our new found friends and celebrate there. And of course, the ocean views, the Van Damme National Park and Mendocino nearby make it a perfect getaway that is close enough to get to and so beautiful that it really feels like a vacation. Would absolutely recommend the resort to anyone looking for a little R & R and a lot of pampering.



Exton, PA


“Peaceful luxurious retreat”

 Reviewed September 20, 2007

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Stevenswood. Nelson checked us in with ease, and our room was comfortable and lovely. And just as others have stated prior to this review, the beds are to die for. The trail across the street to the ocean is a ten to fifteen minute walk to the ocean, and very private. We continued our walk along the meadows and coastline and it was incredibly peaceful. The Inn evens provides a flashlight in your room, in case the sun goes down quicker than expected. Do not expect the usual for breakfast, it is anything but. From the killer quiche to french toast with blueberries, and whole grain belgian wafffles with pecans-it was difficult making a decision. The picnic lunch they provided was also very fresh and unique, and the dinners were delightfully different. We did overhear one couple complain about something with their dinner, and then also complain the next morning their orange juice wasn’t fresh squeezed, and then complain regarding their rooms. Obviously, there will be people that are unhappy no matter what. Everything, and I mean everything



Elk Grove, CA

“Wonderful Service!”

 Reviewed March 25, 2007

The Stevenswood Lodge was a warm welcome for my husband and I looking to get away for the weekend. We had the garden view room (last minute reservation) and it was very nice. Yes, the TVs were a bit old, but we kind of liked the peace and quiet without fancy new TV (supposedly coming soon). The nightly turn down service was a plus. Nelson and the rest of the staff were great and greeted us at the door everytime we came in. Our dinner was absolutely delicious. I had first ordered the lamb dish which was not to my liking and the waiter generously replaced my dinner with whatever I wanted (Wild Salmon). It was great service with great staff all the way around and we will be returning!



Napa, CA

“Romantic Weekend in Mendo”

 Reviewed November 26, 2006

We spent Thanksgiving in Mendocino two years ago, and though we ate dinner at the Stevenswood restaurant, we stayed at another area hotel. This year, when we wanted to do a late fall getaway to the coast, we figured we’d stay at Stevenswood because our dinner had been so pleasurable back in 04.  We arrived a bit later than expected – we had made dinner reservations at the hotel restaurant for 7:45 (their latest seating) and didn’t get to the hotel until after 8, but the host (Nelson – what a sweetheart!) made us feel very welcome and didn’t give us any attitude at all. We checked into our room (which was cozy and stylish,with a REAL wood burning fireplace) and ate a lovely meal in the dining room. The food was great and the service was warm and friendly.



“Room is OK, staff is ???”

 Reviewed October 19, 2006

I surprised my husband with a 3 night stay at this hotel. Room: The room is ok. I would definetely recommend staying in a room on the second floor, because with a room on the bottom floor you can hear people walking upstairs and it sounds like elephants. Also don’t plan on sleeping past 8. The people staying in the hotel are alive and awake, and you will be too. Shower has good water pressure and is hot. The bed is ok. This place would probably be a 5 star if the upgraded all their beds to KING size. They do offer 3 pillow choices however I would rate them the same, the pillows SUCK. I was happy I brought my own. The real wood burning fireplace is nice and so is the big picture window. There is a smaller fridge that has an honor bar. Personally, again I would see this as a 5 star if they at least gave complimentary soda and water, in the room. One last note, windows are dirty. Breakfast: The breakfast is great. It really is. I did find it odd that they give you a receipt with the totals of the breakfast which I could only assume is for tipping purposes. The receipt does say its $25 for the breakfast.. EACH. There is no way the breakfast is that much. You also have to pay more if you want two beverages, like coffee and orange juice. At breakfast they provide bottled water which is a nice touch. Also there is a lovely view of the birds out the windows. They feed the birds to make them come around – nice touch. Although, yet again – windows are DIRTY.

Staff:- Nelson is great. Michael is great. The other guy (not sure of his name) who works the front desk and also cooks breakfast is stand-offish to say the least. Nelson and Michael are persistent to make sure your stay is comfortable, also very willing to help with bags. In fact, I would say these two MAKE THE PLACE.


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